§17 e-learning - English and Polish

§17 e-learning - English and Polish

Do you work with welding and thermal cutting in Denmark? According to Danish law, you are required to have knowledge of the Danish provisions called article 17 (former article 26). 

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Flexibility with e-learning online
Take the mandatory article 17-course as it suits you and your company:

  • In the daytime, in the evening, during a weekend and on holidays
  • Anywhere with internet access
  • You complete 11 modules. The last module is a test module where you must answer 13 questions out of 15 questions correctly to pass the course. You have 5 attempts.
  • On pc, Mac, Smartphones, iPad or other tablets
  • Use Explorer, Chrome, Safari or any other browser
  • Take the course in Danish or in English

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E-learning online has many benefits for your company
Are you responsible that the employees, who work with welding and thermal cutting, can meet the legal requirements?
With article 17 e-learning, you avoid sending your employees off for a course away from production; you thus save time and money.

  • The employees can attend the course when it suits them: E-learning is flexible and you can attend the course and get your certificate on the same day.
  • You save travel expenses to a course location as the course takes place online.
  • You can enrol the employees in the course, when it suits you. They get immediate access to the course – no matter if it is evening, weekend or holiday.
  • You avoid waiting time and delays. The employees will get their course certificate generated immediately after completion of the course.

As an administrator, you can:

  • Create the employees as participants and enrol them in the course
  • Keep track of the course status of the employees
  • Receive an email stating when a participant passes (or fails)
  • See course certificates of completed participants

Contact Poul Viggo Fischer. Telephone: +45 2521 7125, e-mail: pvf@rybners.dk.

Content and duration
How does the course take place?