Article 17 e-learning works as follows
It is easy to complete the course with e-learning and get your course certificate.

Enrol the article e-learning

When you have enrolled in the course, you get a link, user name and password to the e-learning portal. Individuals pay immediately but companies can get an invoice. 
The e-learning course has been build up with spoken slides, film clips and links, where you can “press” forward in the pace which suits you. If you want to go back to previous pages, this is also possible. 
The course is divided into modules. Module 11 is a test module, where you must answer 13 questions out of 15 questions correctly to pass and you have 5 attempts to pass the test. 
After enrolment, you have 45 days to complete the course. You can log off and on as requested – the course remembers how far you have reached and continues from there.

If you have questions to the objective and content of the course, you are welcome to contact Project Manager and E-learning specialist Poul Viggo Fischer on telephone +45 2521 7125 or e-mail pvf@rybners.dk. 

You get your certificate like this
As soon as you have completed the course, you will get a certificate, which documents your qualifications. You can print the certificate. In this way, you can order, pay, complete and get the certificate on the same day.

If you do not pass the test, you should consider to take one of our §26 courses at school. Here, a teacher will explain and help. See our §26-courses here
Alternatively, you can enrol in an e-learning course again.